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Promoting STEM to the Next Generation

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

The roots of our industry are STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Future generations of innovative engineers will have to be skilled in STEM subjects, as the ability to solve complex problems in an increasingly complex world will be a hallmark of the industry. Chances are, all professional engineers were once inspired to pursue this lofty career because of a love of one or more STEM subjects.

Yet fewer American students pursue expertise in STEM fields, and there is an inadequate pipeline of teachers skilled in those subjects. Promoting STEM has become a serious endeavor for the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers because the health and well-being of our industry, not to mention the public at large, depends on it.

The MSPE Educational Foundation proudly supports and encourages STEM activities through its Chapter Grant Program and statewide for kindergarten through 12th grade events and coursework.

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