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MSPE Awards Program

The MSPE Awards Program, administered by the MSPE Awards Committee and Practice Divisions, collects nominations for the society’s annual awards programs.  Each program is described in detail, and procedures for submitting nominations are explained along with pertinent information on deadlines, methods of selection, and presentation. 

MSPE offers the following awards:

    Award Nominations are due on March 31

    Email Award Nomination Material To:

    For questions, please contact the MSPE office at 573-636-4861.

    MSPE Hall of Fame Inductees

    Founding Class of 2000

    Joe B. Butler, P.E.

    E.W. “Skip” Carlton, P.E.

    Paul N. Doll, P.E.

    Garvin H. Dyer, P.E.

    Donald L. Hiatte, P.E.

    Paul R. Munger, P.E.

    Paul E. Jobe, P.E., Honorary Member

    Class of 2001

    R. David Plank, P.E.

    Class of 2002

    Myron D. Calkins, P.E.

    Class of 2003

    Fred E. Palmerton, P.E.

    Class of 2004

    Thomas C. Kirkwood, P.E.

    Class of 2005

    George D. Tomazi, P.E.

    Class of 2009

    William P. Clarke, P.E.

    Class of 2010

    James E. “Bud” Moulder, P.E.

    Class of 2016

    Marie A. Collins, P.E.

    C. Royce Fugate, P.E.

    Class of 2017

    Josephine L. Emerick, P.E.

    Kevin C. Skibiski, P.E.

    Class of 2018

    David C. Howe, P.E.

    Stephen Hutti, P.E.

    Class of 2019

    Denis E. Fessler, P.E.

    Ronald E. Zitterkopf, P.E.

    Class of 2020

    Gary Strack, P.E. 

    Class of 2021

    Brad Parrish, P.E. 

    MSPE Young Engineer of the Year Winners 

    1962 - Robert D. Bay, P.E. ( St. Louis) 

    1963- C.A. Popeck, P.E. (Central) 

    1964- J.H. Dixon, P.E. (Western) 

    1965- Martin P. Walsh, Jr., P.E. (St. Louis) 

    1966- D.W. Talbot, P.E. (Western) 

    1967 - K.N. White, P.E. (Western)

    1968- Jerry R. Bayless, P.E. (Rolla)

    1969- O. Paul Trentham, P.E. (Southwest)

    1970- L.R. Houge, P.E. (Ozark) 

    1971- Lorry T. Bannes, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    1972- R.M. Salmon, P.E. (Southwest)

    1973- George E. Wolf, Jr., P.E. (Western)

    1974- J.C. Jennett, P.E. (Rolla)

    1975- Ronald L. Hollrah, P.E. (Western)

    1976- Larry Rushing, P.E. (Jefferson City) 

    1977 - V. Darryl. Orr, P.E. (Southeast)

    1978- W.E. Anderson, P.E. (Southeast)

    1979- Chauncey Finch, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    1980- L.D. Thompson, P.E. (Southwest) 

    1981- Robert T. Berry, P.E. (Western)

    1982- Ronald E. Zitterkopf, P.E. (Western)

    1983- Richard L. Elgin, P.E. (Rolla) 

    1984- Denis E. Fessler, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    1985- Kenneth L. Busch, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    1986- Dean A. Willis, P.E. (Southwest) 

    1987- Stan A. Christopher, P.E. (Western)

    1988- Kevin C. Skibiski, P.E. (Ozark)

    1989- Krista Kotur, EIT (St. Louis) 

    1990- Roddy Rogers, P.E. (Ozark)

    1991- Josephine L. Emerick, P.E. (St. Louis)

    1992- Benjamin J. Biller, P.E. (Western)

    1993- Mary Anne Lappin, P.E. (Western)

    1994- Eric Lidholm, P.E. (Central)

    1995- Michael A. Fritz, P.E. (Jefferson City)

    1996- John T. Modlin, P.E. (Northwest)

    1997- G. Scott Nall, P.E. (St. Louis)

    1998- Ronald Black, P.E. (St. Louis)

    1999- Amy H. Ruggeri, P.E. (Ozark)

    2000- Robert G. Becnel, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    2001- John Chickey, EIT (St. Louis)

    2002-  Breck Washam, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    2003- Sharon A. Lappin, P.E. (Western)

    2004 -Angelika Adams, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    2005- Benjamin A. Ross, P.E. (Central)

    2006- Alysen M. Abel, P.E. (Western)

    2007- Jason Dohrmann, P.E. (St. Louis) 

    2008- Joshua Tarbell, P.E. (Western)

    2009- Michael Pessina, P.E. (Ozark) 

    2010- Jerry G. Jesky, P.E. (Ozark)

    2011- Aaron Hargrave, P.E. (Ozark)

    2012- Ashley Reinkemeyer, P.E. (Jefferson City)

    2013- Michael Purol, P.E. (Northeast) 

    2014- Karen Reed, P.E. (Ozark)

    2015- Travis Bruemmer, P.E. (Jefferson City)

    2016- Ross Kasmann, P.E. (Central) 

    2017- Brandon Parrish, P.E. (Ozark)

    2018- Matthew Weber, P.E. (Jefferson City)

    2019- Eric Strack, P.E. (Western)

    2020- Zachary Troesser, P.E. (Jefferson City)

    2022- Colten Harris, P.E. (Ozark)

    2023- Allison Mannion, P.E. (St. Louis)


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