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Kimel Endowment Program

MSPE Educational Foundation’s


In 2003, the MSPE Educational Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, received a grant from the estate of William R. and Mila Kimel. William Kimel serves as the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Engineering Dean from 1969-1986. This was a restrictive grant that limited the use of the grant income to specific purposes.

The primary purpose of the Kimel Endowment is to:

Establish and operate a program to implement professional engineering registration of all qualified faculty members who teach or administer engineering programs of the University of Missouri currently comprised of four campuses.

Today, the MSPE Educational Foundation maintains the Kimel Endowment, lead by the EF Kimel Committee. The Committee is chaired by Dr. Charles Morris, P.E.

2023 Kimel Program Activities

Promoting Licensure to Engineering Professors

The Kimel Program is identifying eligible engineering faculty not licensed in Missouri and providing financial assistance to professors to fulfill the requirements and process for licensure. Professors educated outside of the United States may qualify.

For information related to the process and eligibility, please contact

William R. and Mila Kimel Graduate Scholarship

In accordance with the wishes of Dean Kimel for use of the Kimel Endowment Program funds, the MSPE Educational Foundation is offering one $10,000 scholarship, per year, to a graduate student enrolled in the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering.

Eligibility requirements include:

  •   Recipient must be a graduate student pursuing a master's or PhD degree in engineering.
  •  Recipient must have a desire to teach engineering in higher education after graduation.
  •  Recipient must have passed the fundamentals exam (FE).
  •  Applicants for this award, shall describe in writing their need for this support in addition to any other anticipated support and include their personal interest in teaching engineering in higher education.

For information related to the process and eligibility, please contact

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